• Alisa Rozenblit

Best 5 Apps to Find New Friends

Updated: Jan 27

Let's face it: everyone needs friends at times. Whether you are sad or happy, it is important to have someone who can be there when you need them. However, now the idea of online friend-finding doesn't seem so far-fetched and complicated. The challenge is that many people are distrustful of new friend-finding apps or don't want to be disappointed beforehand.

To avoid wasting your precious time, we've put together a list of what we think are five of the best apps to find new friends. Let’s go!

1. Character App

Matchmaking hasn't been new for a long time, but have you ever heard of matchmaking, which is based on thought-provoking questions? The task of the user is simple: answer (honestly) as many questions as possible on a variety of topics/aspects of life, such as interests, passions, hobbies, habits, skills, experiences, etc. And then the magic happens: a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm proposes you the best matches. On top of that, there's a chat and the ability to leave or get anonymous feedback. The icing on the cake: new questions are added every week. Check it out here: https://www.character-app.com.

You can download it on App Store and Google Play

2. Meetup

This app allows you to find people with similar interests, find events in your area or organize events (“meetups") by yourself. All you need to do is find an event you are interested in, add to the group and confirm your attendance. The app would be a great option for those newcomers, who are looking for something to do in a new place.

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3. Bumble BFF

Some people love it, others hate it but this one is always on everyone's radar. Bumble has long gone beyond dating and created an app with the same principle as its forerunner. It’s the same algorithm and the familiar profile swiping, only the purpose of the app has changed: friends instead of dates. Don’t miss your chance, as Bumble BFF gives only 24 hours to start a conversation after both users have swiped right.

Check it out here: https://bumble.com/bff

4. Pawdates

There are millions of apps out there, but how would you react to the fact, that there is an app for finding dog owners? If you're lucky enough to own a four-legged friend, how about finding one for each of you? Simple and straightforward to use, the app makes it easy and uncomplicated to choose a companion to take with your pets for a walk, as well as communicate and organize “pawdates”.

You can download it on App Store

5. Atleto

If you are an avid sports fan, this app is for you. Atleto finds you matches based on the sport you prefer. You can also find a sporting event nearby or create your own. An interesting feature: the ability to rate your sports buddy.

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